Dear participant, welcome to the 22nd Scientific Conference of the Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications (GTA),Trieste, Italy.



Since the first edition that took place in 1979 in Darmstadt, Germany, the Conference has been held every two years until the 2019 edition in Warsaw. Due to the health emergency, the 2021 edition has been postponed by one year.


This year the topic of the conference is “Mind in Context – Context in Mind” and discusses the complex relationship of mind and context in its entire breadth of expressions. The focus will be on perception, attention, learning, memory, decisions, reasoning, personality, motivation, emotion, psychotherapy and communication in different areas of experience and in the biological field.


We are happy to organize an in-person meeting in Trieste in 2022 and to invite you all to enjoy the GTA meeting in the pleasant city of Trieste. The GTA Conference 2022 will be hosted by the University of Trieste.


The meeting provides a mixture of talks, invited lectures, thematic workshop, posters and some special events such as: a welcome party, the Metzger Prize award ceremony, a “Musical” night.


The Trieste edition of the GTA Conference is also honoured to host the 30th Kanizsa Lecture, a public event organised every year since 1993, as a tribute to the founder of the Trieste school of experimental psychology. This year the lecturer will be Charles Spence of the Oxford University.


Details of the meeting and special events can be found on this website or will be added to the website at a later moment.


We are pleased to invite you to submit an abstract for your contribution to the 22nd GTA Scientific Conference.

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